Lunacon 2011 as a service to its membership has setup a way to connect people who are willing to share their room at the Convention or share a ride to and/or from the Convention with people who want rooms or rides. The service allows a member to post their desire for a room or ride as well as offers to share their room or to prove rides.

Note: This service is being offered without any liability by Lunacon. Your use is at your option and risk. Any Accepted Offers or Requests are private transactions between the two members.

To make use of this service, you first need to register on the list (Don't not worry, your Email address can flagged to be hidden if you want by clicking the check box next to your address on the Registration form. We recommend that you do so.). To register go to Once you have done this, you can view the lists by going to and logging in (the system can remember you so you will stay logged in for future sessions). This will allow you to view the four sections - two for those offering to share a room or ride and two for those looking for a shared room or ride.

At this point if you are offering to share your room or provide a ride, you can look at the sections for those looking for a room or ride. Conversely if you are looking for a room or ride, you would look in the offer sections.

Once you find a message that matches your needs, click on the "Send Private Message" icon to create a message to the poster. Once you have connected each other and agreed to the arrangement, the poster would then post a followup message to say that the offer or need has been fulfilled (so others do not uselessly contact the poster).

If you do not find what you are looking for, go to the corresponding section (Offers if you are looking or Looking if you want to offer) and post a message there. You can do this immediately without looking at the corresponding section if you want.

Good Luck and we hope you find this service useful.

Lunacon 2011 Committee