Dealers' Room
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Dealers' Room Hours

Friday 5 pm - 8 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10 am - 3 pm

Business Name Category Website
Angelwear Creations Jewelry
Another Grungy Hole-in-the-Wall (A.G.H.I.T.W) Bookstore Used SF
Robert Quill, Artist for Hire Commissioned Portraits

Auntie Arwen’s Spices/
Crystal Connection/
Hutnik’s Used Books

Gemstones, Spices, Fudge, Used SF, coffee, etc
Author Guy New SF, mysteries, other books
Patrick Thomas & The Bulfinche's Pub Literary Road Show new sf, wiccan items, mysteries, art books, magazine
Calligraphic Buttons buttons, bumper stickers
Close Encounters Studios models & figurines
Curious Alchemy leather masks & other unique jewelry made from leather and found objects
Dark Quest Books
Sidhe na Daire
New SF, costume horns
Dragon’s Lair sculpture, stuffed animals, tee shirts, calendars, figurines
Fabric Dragon jewelry, beads & semi-precious stones, costumers' supplies
Fantastic Books New SF
Flying Coyote new sf & other books, animal books, jewelry, netsukes, beads
Goth Fae / Steampunk Dollie Steampunk accessories - hats, corsets, canes, goggles, parasols
weapons, jewelery, costumers' supplies
Griffon’s Claw Armoury weapons, jewelry
Honeck Sculptures bronze sculpture, cats, jewelry, doorknockers, etc etc etc
Janet Kofoed Jewelry jewelry
Kuriouser & Kuriouser (Studio Hibernacula) jewelry, costumers' supplies, relics, curiosities, wonders
Larry Smith Books New SF, mysteries
The Mermaid's Tresses jewelry
Niekas Magazines, Fanzines
Nonstop Press new sf, art books, magazines
Nora Olsen Books new sf/fantasy, some used also
Offworld Designs tee shirts
Old Earth Books new & collectible books, British publications
Poison Pen Press New costume books, historic cookbooks, fantasy, murder mysteries
Riri's Pottery Haus stoneware pottery, cookie molds
Scare Tactix Graphix comics, posters, video, games, tee-shirts, models
Science Fiction Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio New SF, other books
SF Continuum Manga, Anime, DVDs
Shapeshifter Scriveners new sf, media posters, original graphic novels
Terminus Publishing New & Used SF, mysteries, magazines, ancient coins, zines
3 Finger Prints/
Russ Colchamiro
New SF
VoodooWolf Arts Art supplies, commisioned art, jewelry, tee-shirts
D. Walker Art art, decorative weapons, jewelry, costume accessories, etched shot glasses
Andrew Wheeler new and used sf, art & illustrated books, other books