Lunacon Book Exhibit & Raffle

The New York Science Fiction Society-the Lunarians, Inc., in keeping with our educational purpose, has taken an active role in the future of the genre.  In 1989, the Society established a scholarship fund whose sole purpose is to help beginning writers in science fiction and fantasy from the greater New York Metropolitan area attend either of the Clarion writers workshops held nationally as well as the Odysssey Writers Workshop. The scholarship fund was later renamed in memory of the late Donald A. and Elsie B. Wollheim, renowned fans, publishers and Society members.  The Donald A. and Elsie B. Wollheim Memorial Scholarship Fund has been able to provide partial scholarships to well over two dozen aspiring writers since its inception.


The major source of income for the Fund is the Book Raffle held annually at Lunacon. Donations come from major publishing houses such as DAW Books and others as well as from society members and the public. The books donated are placed on display in Grand Assembly (near convention registration) and raffle tickets are sold at various points at the convention. Tickets are 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 15 for $10, 30 for $20, with a special rate of 200 for $100. The Raffle will be held on Sunday, March 20th at 2pm (Or after the Art Auction [which starts at 12:00pm] if it is still in progress at 2PM) in Grand North.

This Year we have an Extra Special contribution — A Shrink Wrapped Limited Edition (500 Copies Total) Hard Cover copy of LEGENDS II.
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Scholarship winners are listed below:
Year Recipient Amount
Lunarians Wollheim Scholarships to Clarion:
1990 Graham P. Collins $500
Alexandra Elizabeth Honigsberg $500
Meryl Yourish $500
1991 Kevin Helfenbein $1,000
1992 Aime (Beth) Kratts $500
1993 John McDaid $600
Robert Stauffer $600
Pat York $400
1994 Michael A. Burstein $1,000
1995 No Receipient
1996 No Receipient
1997 Jessica Brim $500
Philip Goetz $500
Catherine Mason $500
Karen Z. Perry $500
1998 Marjorie Farrell $250
Elad Haber $1,000
Larry Taylor $250
1999 Lisa Batya Feld $500
David Kirtley $500
2000 No Receipient
2001 No Receipient
2002 Daniel Braum $500
2003 Jamie Kress $125
Sean Melican $125
2004 Eric Joel Bressin $250
2005 Sean Finn $150
2006 Felice Kuan $300
Sean Manseau $200
2008 Lauren Naturale $250
2009 Edward Gauvin $250
2010 William Farrer $500
Lunarians Wollheim Scholarships to Clarion West:
1993 Benjamin Trumble $400
1994 No Receipient
1995 Robert Emmett Murphy, Jr $1,000
1996 Jeremy Bloom $600
1997 T. Pieczynski $500
Nora Rivkis $500
Robert Wexler $500
1998 No Receipient
1999 Sheree Renee Thomas $500
2000 No Receipient
2001 Pascale Philantrope (aka ibi aanu gbeyor) $800
Kiini Ibura Salaam $400
2002 No Receipient
2003 Michael Henderson $250
2004 Christopher Furst $150
James Trimarco $150
2005 No Receipient
2006 No Receipient
2007 No Receipient
2008 Tracy Harwood $250
Lunarians Wollheim Scholarships to Odyssey:
2008 Don J. Shaw $250
2009 Jenny Rae Rappaport $350
2010 Carrie Mackey $500