The purpose of the Art Show is to exhibit and sell original art works of a science fiction, fantasy, or fannish nature. Both flat and 3D work will be accepted for display and sale. All items entered must be completed before being brought into the Art Show.

•  Artists may enter only themselves in the Art Show and each artist may enter only once. You can authorize an agent to represent you by filling out the “Agent” area on the reservation form.

•  Group entries are allowed, but are held to the same space limits as single entries regardless of the number of artists in the group. A member of a group CANNOT also enter as an individual or as a member or another group. All art entered by a group must be the work of one of the members of the group. COLLABORATIONS may be entered by any of the collaborators.

•  Flat art pieces must be matted, framed, or otherwise mounted. Framed pieces must have a firmly attached wire for hanging. 3D work must come with any supports needed for display. Each piece, whether print, flat, or 3D must be labeled with its title, price, and the artist’s name.

•  With computer generated artwork, all prints must be created under the direct supervision of the artist, and must be in a signed and numbered edition of 100 or less. This must also be stated on the bid sheet. Otherwise, it will be considered a print and can only be displayed and sold in the Print Shop.

•  Reproductions of any kind should generally be entered into the Print Shop, but single copies of fine art prints or other limited edition works (under 500) may be entered into the Art Show. Any prints entered in the Art Show cannot also be displayed and sold in the Dealers’ Room. If this occurs your prints will be immediately removed from the Print Shop.

•  Not-For-Sale work is permitted and is eligible for awards, but we (and the attendees) would appreciate it if at least half of your work is for sale.

•  Once an item has been entered into the Art Show or the Print Shop it may not be withdrawn nor the conditions of sale (the minimum bid, Quick Sale Price) be changed without the consent of the Art Show Director.

We reserve the right to refuse to display any artwork or prints at the sole discretion of the Art Show Director. Works that are judged to be libelous, plagiaristic, obscene or detrimental to known persons and/or well-known or trademarked characters will not be permitted in the Art Show.

•  Photography will not be permitted in the Art Show, with the exception of supervised professional press. If you object to having your works used, with credit, by press reviewing the convention, indicate this on your entry form. Artists who wish to photograph their own work may do so only with prior arrangement with the Art Show Director.

•  Art Show sales do NOT include reproduction rights. Buyers who want to reproduce the art they have purchased must make arrangements directly with the artist.

•  We do not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. We recommend that you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show. We do have security when the show is open, and sleepers in the room when the show is closed, as well as all the doors alarmed.


Basic unit of flat display space: THE PANEL----6 ft wide by 4 ft high pegboard on a 7 ft. pipe frame

Can be subdivided into: HALF PANEL----3 ft wide by 4 ft high

THIRD PANEL (PRINT SHOP ONLY)----1.5 ft wide by 4 ft high

Basic unit of 3D display space: THE TABLE----6 ft long by 30 inches deep

Can be subdivided into: HALF TABLE----3 ft long by 30 inches deep

QUARTER TABLE----1.5 ft long by 30 inches deep

Floor space for any large, free-standing art will be charged at the table rate. Please state this on your reservation form, or contact the Art Show Director.

Please remember that the space you reserve must include clearance between pieces and space for attached bid sheets for each item. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table, and may not interfere with any works displayed by any other artist.


The fee for a full panel or table is $42.00. Half panels or tables are $21.00; 1/3 panels (for Print Shop) are $14.00; quarter tables are $11.00. We do not charge commission, or per print prices for Print Shop entries (see below).

Returning artists may request up to three panels, or two panels and a table. New artists may request up to two panels, or one panel and one table. You may be put on the Wait List for all or part of your request if space considerations warrant. Any unused space fees will be refunded with your final accounting.



We will have a separate display area for Print Shop, with ALL copies of each print hung on large pegboard hooks for buyers to pick up themselves. You must have 3-10 IDENTICAL copies of each image entered. Copies of an image that are of a different size, matted vs. framed, should be considered as separate images when doing your Control Sheet. You MUST purchase panel space for Print Shop; there is NO per print fee. EACH print must have a Print Shop tag on it—these will either be mailed to you or will be available as a PDF on the web site.



Mail-in artists are limited to 1 unit of space, either panel or table, or a combination of ½ panel and ½ table, and a maximum of 20 pieces. You may also enter Print Shop, but are limited to ½ or 1/3 panel there (which you must purchase separately). There is a $15.00 fee for mail-in, and you also must send return shipping fees at the time of reservation. Unused monies will be refunded to the artist. We will use the USPS to return all mail-in art (within a week after the convention) unless you specify another carrier.

DO NOT SEND ARTWORK TO THE CONVENTION POST OFFICE BOX! You will receive the address to send it to with your confirmation. Mail-in art will be accepted only from outside a 200 mile radius of the convention.


We are offering the Quick Sale option again this year. If, and only if, there are NO WRITTEN BIDS on a piece, that piece may immediately be purchased for the Quick Sale price with the caveat that the physical piece may not be removed from the Art Show before 6 P.M. on Saturday. If you choose this option, we recommend that the Quick Sale price be at least 150% of the minimum bid (or what you would expect if the piece went to a highly contested auction). If you set a Quick Sale price, the piece will also be available for sale after closeout at that price.



Any artwork receiving 4 or more bids will go to Voice Auction on Sunday. Artwork with three or fewer bids by the close of the show on Sunday will go to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.

All payments to artists will be made by check, and will be mailed at a minimum of four weeks after the convention. All checks will be made payable to the artist unless we have received a written, signed, and dated request from the artist specifying another payee.



  1. FILL OUT AND RETURN THE ATTACHED FORM NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 22, 2011. No space will be available at the door unless there are last-second cancellations, and there usually is a Wait List.
  2. YOU MUST SIGN THE FORM! All unsigned forms will be returned immediately and space will not be held until we have received your signed and dated reservation for. The only exception to this rule will be if an agent signs and dates the form and submits a signed and dated document from an artist authorizing the agent to handle his/her work.
  3. FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ALL RESERVATIONS. Forms without full payment will be returned. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, by check drawn on a U.S. Bank, or money order in U.S dollars payable to Lunacon 2008. We CANNOT process anything other than U.S. funds.
  4. You do not have to buy a membership to the convention to exhibit in the Art Show. However, entry into the Art Show only lets you into the Art Show. If you want to attend anything else at the convention, you must buy a membership. You can send payment with your Art Show reservation, if you wish.
  5. We will send an acknowledgement of your reservation AFTER the submission deadline. At that time we will also put the control sheets, bid sheets, and instructions required to display your artwork/prints on the website for you to download as a PDF file. If you wish to receive the forms in the mail, please check the box on the reservation form.
  6. If you have any special needs, please tell us what they are on the reservation form so that we can try to accommodate you.





We will open for artist check-in on Friday at 3 P.M. Artists may also check in on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M. with prior notification to the Art Show Director. Please note that we might not recognize all artists by sight. You (or your agent) might be asked to show some form of I.D. when checking in. This is for your protection as well as ours.


Full instructions for check-in and check-out, as well as all the necessary forms, will be put on the website for you to download as a PDF file.

We reserve the right to modify these rules at the discretion of the Art Show Director.




Thursday, March 18 6 P.M.—finished Set-up of equipment

Friday, March 19 9 A.M.—2 P.M. Set-up (Come & help!)

3 P.M.—7 P.M. Artist Check-In

7 P.M.—9:30 P.M. ART SHOW OPEN


Saturday, March 20 9 A.M.—10 A.M. Artist Check-In


Sunday, March 21 9 A.M.—11 A.M. ART SHOW OPEN

11 A.M.—Noon Close out and set up for sales


12:30 P.M.—3 P.M. Art Show Sales—Art show open

For purchases and payment

1 P.M.—4 P.M. Artist check-out