We are soliciting advertising for the Lunacon 2011 Program Book, which will be published in conjunction with Lunacon, our 54th annual regional literary convention with a focus on Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is being held March 18-20, 2011 at the Hilton Rye Town in Rye Brook, New York.

Past program books have contained articles about our Guests of Honor, examples of the Artist Guest's work, excerpts from the Writer Guest's work, and biographies of program participants. Mixed in among these are always ads from companies and individuals like yours. As fans will often seek the autographs of all program participants, there are no bad places to land in the program book. We have various offers that can be custom fit to fill all needs. This year's Guests of Honor are Hugo Award Nominee Lawrence M. Schoen (Author), Rachael Mayo (Artist), and Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (Special Guest).

We’ll feature programming that includes our marquee guests and many other notable professionals in the field. Convention members can attend discussions covering a wide range of topics, including costuming, literature, media, science & technology, and society. We’ll also have a Masquerade, Films, Dealers' Room, Book Exhibit and Charity Raffle, Gaming, one of the best Art Shows in the country, and many special events that may only be found at a Lunacon.

The Lunacon 2011 Program Book will reach an audience composed of hundreds of science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts with interests in books, films, TV, games, other media and more. This yearly collector's item is distributed to all attendees at the Convention and will be shipped to those members who cannot attend.

Lunacon is the premier Science Fiction and Fantasy fans convention in the New York Metropolitan area and is sponsored by one of the oldest science fiction clubs in the country, the New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. For this year’s convention, we are expecting approximately 1200-1500 attendees. More information about Lunacon can be found at www.lunacon.org/.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail ads@lunacon.org.

Stacey Helton McConnell
Vice-Chair, Lunacon 2011
March 18 - 20, 2011


Lunacon 2011 Advertising Rates & Information:
Space Ad sizes Fan Rate Semi-Pro Pro/
Retail Rate
Full Page 7.5" w x 10" h $ 110 $ 200 $ 350
Half Page (vertical) 3.75" w x 10" h $  80 $ 135 $ 200
Half Page (horizontal) 7.5" w x  5" h $  80 $ 135 $ 200
1/4 Page 3.75" w x  5" h $  60 $ 115 $ 175
Business Card (vertical) 2" w x  3" h $  25 $  50 $  75
Business Card (horizontal) 3" w x  2" h $  25 $  50 $  75
Inside Cover 2 7.5" w x 10" h N/A N/A $ 550
Inside Cover 3 7.5" w x 10" h N/A N/A $ 550
Centerspread 7.5" w x 10" h N/A N/A $ 750


Rates listed are for black and white ads only. Please contact us directly for prices for color ads. Ads that are sized incorrectly are subject to resizing at the editors discretion, no refunds will be provided in this case. The reservation deadline is 2/15/2011, with ad copy by 3/1/2011. Ads can be accepted in hardcopy or in electronic format (TIF, PDF, EPS, or JPG files). Electronic format preferred; for ads burned onto CD or as camera-ready hard copy, please mail to Lunacon 2011, PO Box 432, Bronx, NY 10465.

Interior ads are to be submitted in the form of Black & White and/or Grayscale (NO COLOR) PDFs. The fonts used should be embedded as a subset and, if not a standard Adobe or Microsoft font, we may request that a copy of the full font be supplied to us. Such Fonts MUST be True Type (.ttf), or Open Type (.otf). For more information please e-mail ads@lunacon.org.

LUNACON 2011 reserves the right to determine which category an advertiser falls into. We also reserve the right to reject any advertising. Acceptance of your advertising by LUNACON 2011 indicates your acceptance of all conditions of this rate card.

On average, 1,100 copies are distributed. Print run is a minimum of 1,200.

Printing Specifications:
Trim Size: 8 1/4" x 11"
Binding: Saddle Stitched
Printing Method: Offset

Pro / Retail Rate:
Applies to all commercial, for profit organizations employing full time staff.

Reserved for magazines, small presses, dealers at Lunacon, artists, artist agents, or independent literary agents.

Fan Rate:
Reserved for fannish organizations that are tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3); or for individuals (eg, fans) who are not promoting any commercial activity. Fan rate ads may not be available due to space limitations. Also, a limited amount of advertising space will be offered to fan groups in trade. Please ask about it.

If you are unsure which rate applies to you, please contact our Publications Director at ads@lunacon.org.

Payment Details:
Payment should be sent to Lunacon 2011, PO Box 432, Bronx, NY 10465. Make all checks payable to Lunacon 2011. Fan ads must have payment included with the ad copy. There is a 10% discount for all prepaid Semi-Pro and Pro / Retail ads; payment must be received prior to March 15, 2011 to qualify for the discount. All invoices are net 30. There will be a 1.5% late fee per month on all invoices not paid after 45 days. After 90 days, collection procedures will be instituted with all costs of collection charged back to advertiser/ agency. We will collect a $35 service fee for each returned check.