Here's your chance to dazzle or be dazzled by costumes of the past, the future and the never-was. Come to the Lunacon Masquerade... or be part of it. Let your imagination soar! Bring to life your favorite character from an SF/Fantasy novel or movie, or create an original character from the depths of your own mind. Amaze or amuse us, horrify or delight us. Put on a costume and give it a try!

The Lunacon 2011 Masquerade will be held on Saturday night. It will start with a division for young fans (12 & under). These costumes can be made by the children themselves or by adults (Praise to Mommy!). A panel of experts using a system based on skill levels will judge adult costumers. These divisions are Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman and Master level. Fan photographers are welcome.

Weapons will not be allowed in the Lunacon 2011 Masquerade. Please refer to the Convention's Weapons Policy.

We openly encourage hall costumes with the following provisos. Nudity is NOT a costume and if your costume is a bit revealing, we ask that you cover yourself in the public areas of the hotel which include the lobby, the restaurants and the bar. Panels on costuming and related topics will be included in the programming.

For further details on the Masquerade, or to volunteer to help contact us at Masquerade.

We would like to thank the NY/NJ Costumer Guild (the Sickpups) for providing these pictures of the 2010 Masquerade.